I volunteer do I have to buy a ticket?

  •  Yes, everyone attending the gala must purchase a ticket. 

What do I wear?

  • Don’t let the name “Gala” fool you, this is Broomfield!  You can dress up or down whatever you like just wear some type of covering. (Remember Ginger’s 3 Bs - No butts, no boobs, no bellies) 

Is the food and beverage free?

  • Alcohol is on you,  food/lemonade/water are on us.

Is there seating for everyone or just sponsors?

  • Many of the tables are open seating, so meet someone new and share a table with them while you are snacking or resting your feet.  Go one step further and take an empty chair at a “sponsor” table we are all friendly here.  

Do I have to have an athlete at Broomfield to attend?

  • Heavens NO!  EVERYONE over 21 is welcome!  You don’t even need to have a student at Broomfield High, just come and have a great time! - Well, bid on something while you are at it. 

How do I bid on items?

  • We have enlisted Handbid, a downloaded app system that will allow you to bid on items and make purchases prior to and throughout the gala from any where in the world! Please click the Handbid button below to access more information on the Handbid App.